Student Feedback

Prashant Vaz – Technoquest, Mumbai.

“Course helped to clear all concepts those are really used in actual industrial practice. All topics were properly classified and very well taught with proper examples and presentations. Along with it was the HR session which was the additional advantage of this.”

Abhay Mandavkar – Thermon Engineering, Mumbai.

“Altitude is the best thing ever happen in my life and feels myself lucky to be a student of Altitude. All chemical engineers from different companies, field seating together and discussing in front of the faculty who has more than 15 years of experience in process engineering field. That was giving me a best feeling, confidence and enthusiasm to learn basic and great thing about chemical engineering world. The last but not the least Altitude has not only taught me but educated me about everything.”

Vivek Singh – Inginero, Mumbai.

“The first day of mine in Altitude was a knowledge booster session. It is a great feeling to grasp and discuss the technical things with a special person. Altitude provides knowledge and as well as networks. I like the way faculty teaches just getting himself down to the level of students and then showing his technical abilities. I am sure that nobody can challenge you after the completion of course from the class. Sharing and checking P&ID's of each other, technical discussion, unit conversion, sharing presentations on each topics with the batch mates , etc. was the confidence booster exercises which sir use to take to improve the skills of individual personality. After that face to face interview with faculty was like knowing the areas of improvement in each individual. It's a great feeling that I admitted myself in Altitude & Thank you so much the faculties for making me totally a different person. God bless you both”.

Abhik Dhane – Technoquest, Mumbai.

1.The lecturer. He is excellent.. 2. The style of teaching is phenomenal. 3. Good explanation by Lecturer. 4. The lectures are very interesting and make me eager to listen. The lectures are with real-time examples so I am able to understand better.

Supriya Salvi – Bharti Vidhyapeeth College.

“I  have pass out from  “Bharti Vidhyapeeth College of Engineering”. I’m very glad to speak about sir. He has excellent knowledge about process design engineering. He has 16 years experience in process engineering department. Altitude has the best faculty to teach process engineering with excellent knowledge about process engineering with excellent technical knowledge as well as thought process system. Thank you sir who give me the best knowledge in chemical engineering.

Ashutosh Karkre – GSD Engineering, Mumbai.

“Altitude Training Institute has been an instrumental part in sharpening my technical acumen. I owe huge thanks to the faculty for training me in such a professional environment and imparting values necessary for surviving in the corporate world. When I passed out in 2018, thinking I've gained enough technical knowledge to grow my career, I was taken aback by the sheer amount of knowledge that was still to be learnt to be relevant in the industry. Thanks to the unique teaching tools that were used throughout the course that helped me understand process design concepts right from the grass roots. Lectures conducted by the expert in Business Ethics and Communication strengthened my communication and language skills by manifold. I feel privileged to be a part of such an amazing community of engineers”.

Aarti Burande – Jacobs Engineering, Mumbai.

“The Altitude Training Institute” Course was absolutely amazing faculty is amazing. I learned so much in this three month. I learned from start to end knowledge in Process Design engineering. After joining this class, I feel like now I have started built-up technical plus professionally. Now I can proudly say that yes I am chemical engineer. I never thought I could learn so much in this short amount of time together. Joining Altitude class was the best decision I could have made for my career. Thank You Altitude”

Siddhesh Jagdale – VVF (I) LTD.

“I would suggest going for Altitude Training Institute. I am calling them the best, because the faculty here is having several years of industrial experience and that what makes it easy for the students to get better and proper guidance. Weekly test is taken to ensure that students are perfectly ready to face the interview. The interaction session with the faculty remain so friendly that I feel comfortable in asking queries which I had. Now, I feel more confident about myself. Thank you.

Supriya Shastrabudhe – Inginero, Mumbai.

Feedback: I have never seen such an enthusiastic entity who would invest his part of life for development of students. The environment here is very professional and positive. The faculty is an all- rounder. He not only gives theoretical knowledge but also provides video lectures for better understanding Course also includes excel lectures and business etiquette which is often missed out by many engineering graduates and it turns out to be most important. Faculty also conducts interview for building confidence and to get a better picture of how the interview process proceeds in industry. And it is said that, "Your degree is just a piece of paper, your education is seen in your behavior." He not only imparts technical knowledge but also teaches us values. He has helped us to become both a good engineer and a better human being. I can now see a major change in myself and all credit goes to the faculty.

Abhijeet Torave – IGPL.

 i am graduate in chemical engineering and working last 4.5 years in production department. As an engineer I was not satisfied in production, so I joined Altitude. Before class I was not that much confidant about the technical aspects of chemical engineering but while learning under guidance of faculty my concepts are clear. Faculty having 15 years of experience and it's reflects when he teach us. Sir always supported me because simultaneously I am doing job. I am not that much capable to give feedback about the sir he always best teacher for me. He always motivate us and make classroom fresh & energetic. Overall I am very happy while pursuing the course .I’ve already suggested my friends to join the class. Thanks!

Parkar Junaid- M.Tech, ICT, Matunga.

“The main difference that I experienced – 1. Perfectly professional environment. 2. Video series on different topics at the start of that respective topic gives a crisp idea of the lecture ahead. 3. Series of lectures schedule for learning excel pertaining to Process Engineering makes you confident about the industrial ways of Process Engineering Calculations. 4. Lower class strength imparts effective one-to-one interaction between faculty and the students. 5. Technical & HR Mock interview arranged, was phenomenal.”

Jitendra Bisen -M.Tech, NIT, Raipur.

“It is a great platform to learn and understand the concepts of process engineering under such a well experienced mentor. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It is an honor for me to a part of such dedicated and talented faculty and colleagues.”

Sneha Parulekar – K. K. Wagh College of Engineering, Nashik.

“Our sir has taught me all the basic fundamentals of chemical engineering world, and has created a platform so that I can present myself before the ever expanding industrial world. Technical & HR Mock interview arranged by him was phenomenal. It has increased a lot of confidence in me.”

Ankita Gade – Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Airoli.

“I feel it was my right decision to opt for this course of process engineering here. The class has good atmosphere with spacious class room, limited batch student, Industrially experienced teacher who basically focuses on clearing the basic fundamentals of chemical engineering. The teaching in this class is quite unique, as he not only teaches a topic by showing the working videos related to it but also by giving actual practical examples. Surprise tests are conducted in the class along with mock interview which build competitive spirit among the student. It was a good experience while working on live projects and during software learning too.”

Anjana Yadav – Sir Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Nashik. ​​

“Taking an admission for process designing course has built knowledge and confidence in me. Especially the faculty is wholly responsible for this. I find myself lucky to gain so much vast knowledge from our experienced faculty.”

Deepashree Gadgil – K. K. Wagh College of Engineering, Nashik.

“Sir has helped me a lot for over all development of myself. It’s just because of faculty that I got acquainted with the entire chemical world. THANK YOU SIR!!

Sameer Chougle – Bharati Vidyapeeth College Of Engineering, Kharghar.

“For me it was a great journey with the faculty and I’m glad that I made the right decision to join for this course here. The teaching of faculty was exceptional, it didn’t just involve theoretical & practical teaching, but social teachings as well. He made us make & format excel sheets which are similar to the ones used in the industry. The best part being, it shortens the bridge created between college engineering & industrial engineering, as each & everything taught is from a practical & application point of view. Lastly I would like to thank SIR because HE made it easy for me to explain to my juniors & my relatives the toughest question, ‘What do Chemical Engineers do?’ which is sadly not taught in college. Thank you all & all the very best for your future.”

Ravi Jadhav – Bharati Vidyapeeth College Of Engineering, Kharghar.

“When I completed my chemical engineering, I didn’t knew much about chemical engineer’s work. What they exactly do? My basics were not so much clear, therefore decided to join the process designing course here. I am so lucky to be the part of this , for teaching. Now I can proudly say – I’m a CHEMICAL ENGINEER. Thanks to faculty, he teaches from basic level, it means start from zero level.

Akansha Gaikar – Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Airoli.

“Process engineering course was not just a course; it gave a different turn to my life. A different way of thinking indulged into our mind. No one will teach in such a way that faculty has thought us; playing an important role for molding my career.”

Bhushan Dashpute – Sir Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Nashik

“I am thankful for giving me a platform to decide a successful path of our future. I am especially thankful to the faculty who shared his knowledge with us. Also cleared all basic concepts about chemical engineering that were not clear. Now I can confidently express my knowledge and I can stand and present myself. I am fortunate enough to have faculty with international experience and a very good & helpful nature.”

Priyanka Padwal – Shivajirao S Jondhale College of Engineering.

“All my basic concepts of chemical engineering got cleared. My presentation skill, stage confidence much more increased. Now I can explain all the things properly related to chemical engineering to anyone and crack any type of interview session.”

Samruddhi Dalvi -Shivajirao S. Jondhale College of Engineering.

“After joining this course, lots of confidence builds in me. My Technical knowledge gets improved also the faculty is very good.”

Kuldeep Pawar – Sir Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Nashik. ​

“I have learned more about industry and industry based application. Now I am more confident in stage courage and tackle the difficult situation under pressure. So you can join here to take the chance of this knowledge gaining program. Lots of thank you to our faculty member.”

Tanuja Malvankar – Bharati Vidyapeeth College Of Engineering, Kharghar.

“It is an excellent institution for process engineering course. It was very helpful as faculty here are very well experienced. The training that I have undergone helped me in updating my skills and clear understanding of the subject. I am thankful for all the help to grow myself and build up my confidence level.”

Sujansingh Ghorpade – Shivajirao S. Jondhale College of Engineering,

“I would like to thanks to the faculty, for giving me such huge opportunity to learn. This helps me a lot in improving my knowledge & clearing all the basic funda’s, doubts & also what industries actually want from you. Ongoing discussion in a class, are really helpful, it creates an awesome study atmosphere. This atmosphere helps us being all the time interested & involved in all the study points during the training/teaching sessions. How industry exactly going to work & also helps to improving your basic required skills. All this was possible here, so thanks to this academy.”

Pooja Mane – Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Airoli. ​

“We got technical and application based knowledge about chemical engineering field. Visualization power increased in terms of how an industry works, how project is being carried out in an industry. Individual attention to each student is carried out by them (faculty), in terms of personality development, to build up confidence and other skills, etc. Doing course over here is too much knowledgeable in terms of clearing each and every concept. To grow our self professionally and technically.” 

Priyanka Sanap – Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Airoli ​

“After lots of research , I finally decided to join here and now I can confidently say this was the best decision of my career till now. I am pleased with the class lectures , lecturer, surprise test, live presentation & Practice material. Teaching philosophy over here is very simple, conceptual, crisp and precise. Faculty teaching abilities are unmatchable and the way he motivates us is exceptional. If you are sure you want to gain knowledge from industrial point of view then there would be no better platform rather than this.”

 Ashish Taur – Sir Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Nashik.

“If someone wants knowledge and the basic concepts then this is the place. Faculty here are just awesome. His teaching is really good. I will never get teacher better than him.”

Nikita Chavhan – Shivajirao S Jondhale College of Engineering,

“Quality knowledge, conceptual & technical learning on various important parameters of chemical field. Pleasant atmosphere in lectures which helps in learning new concepts with an ease. Excellent guidance, clearing concepts, developing the students on personal as well as on professional level by the mentor. After joining this course , I myself can sense the drastic change in my confidence, my conceptual and technical knowledge. Process Design Engineering course has definitely moulded me and my career to have a good run in this Chemical Engineering world and all the credit goes to faculty”.

Mukesh Gupta -Sir Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Nashik.

“Process Engineering is the perfect path after completion of Engineering from Chemical Discipline. There is  no doubt that the faculty provided for courses are well experienced and provide excellent teaching and knowledge and Give their 100% efforts which is required for course.”

Sushant Kasar -TKIET, Warnanagar.

“A very nice faculty which guided me in proper direction. They provide the conceptual knowledge of chemical field which was boosting my confidence level.”

Vaidehi Newalkar – Shivajirao S Jondhale College of Engineering.

“It was the best opportunity to build our career at right path. I am improving myself towards positive direction in educational knowledge as well as personal development. Faculty had given us better technical knowledge to increase my graph, and also developed positive attitude in me.”

Surajkumar Nangare – Sinhagad College of Engineering, Pune.

 “It has been one of my best experience till date were I could proudly tell that I m chemical engineer . Even though I had done M.Tech in chemical engineering.i wasn’t much confident that I could crack any interview or had a strong base and complete command  on concepts. Basically it was sir and the way of teaching who literally went and taught according to his way of teaching and understanding and letting us know how MNC works and what are there requirements. Actually sir gave us all the knowledge he could from his past 15 years of experience.It was good feeling of being confident and growing in right direction with help of sir”

Mansi Palsamkar – Shivajirao S Jondhale College of Engineering.

“I have completed the process design course from this institute. The faculty is excellent at his work.The substantial industrial experience of the faculty helps to inculcate an actual field approach. Healthy manner of teaching helps to grasp the topics well. Moreover there is an emphasize on practical applications of engineering concepts. Tests and mock interview are conducted which will help to respond accurately in actual interview. I have upgraded my knowledge to a considerable extinct by joining this course. Absolutely recommended.

Jignesh Bhandari -Faculty of engineering technology and Research, Surat, Gujrat

“I completed my Process Engineering course with sir. It was a good decision from my side. He has good teaching skills & taught each every topic based on his industrial experience. He provided examples that were easy to understand. My thinking ability has changed. This helped me a lot in improving my knowledge & clearing my basic concepts. Thanks a lot sir to